Dueling Oscillators

Some oscillators generating waveforms to chase each other around the circuits.  Gives the other gizmos something to play with.


(over)Tone Wheel

The tone wheel is at the heart of the classic Hammond organ sound. This variation uses 3D printed wheels with screws inset in Pythagorean ratios whirling over a magnetic pickup.


Sound Catcher

The Sound Catcher captures high frequencies and banishes them to the Ring of Ground while welcoming the bass notes. The wheel selects from six different capacitors, which combined with a variable resistor, give an huge variety of filter options.


Simply Speaker

The Simply Speaker is, in fact, the simplest possible speaker. It consists of only two electronic components: a wire wound inductor and a magnet. Encased in some recycled plastic, it's miles from audiophile territory, but surprisingly listenable for the simple thing it is.


Foiled Again

Foiled Again pushes audio through a handmade variable capacitor (courtesy of some aluminum foil from the kitchen) with a resistor from recycled VCR tape to foil low frequencies and allow the high notes to pass. The knife switch adds a bit of parallel resistance for a surprising effect.


Flying Magneto Brothers

 Flying Magneto Brothers delicately balances rapidly whirling magnets over a voice coil (inductor). The magnets disturb the electrons in the wire of the coil and they protest by generating a wailing signal.



Mix few resistors, capacitors, an integrated circuit and you've got a potpourri of square, triangle and sine waves to send out through the jacks.


Hot Mess

A very rough prototype that actually sounds pretty good! A neodymium magnet attached to the motor shaft rotates at high speed within the inductor and voila,  a pretty sweet sound wave.


The Dark Tower

It's not a medieval torture device, just some limit switches, a motor driving an armature, a few potentiometers, 3D printed to create a mechanical sequencer.